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Thinking ahead keeps us feeling good


UK homes in 2016 feeling Vaillant warmth

Smarter heating across the UK

We are one of Europe’s leading heat technology manufacturers and innovators.

It’s why thinking ahead is more than a process to us – it’s part of our culture of high performance, quality and reliability.

Because it is only by pushing heating technology further that we can achieve higher energy efficiencies with lower emissions.

All with the ultimate aim of delivering greater warmth to people’s homes.

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Proud to lead the way

Over 140 years of innovation

The Vaillant history stretches back to the year 1874 when the company was founded by Johann Vaillant in Remscheid, Germany.

Proud to be built in the UK

All our boilers are made in the UK by our teams of skilled assemblers. Giving you premium quality on every product.

German engineering

Our boilers are designed to deliver energy-saving and easy to operate solutions for heating, cooling and hot water.

Inside Vaillant

“We’re constantly breaking new boundaries to heat your home more efficiently”

At Vaillant our culture is to ‘think ahead”. It is a culture we have embraced throughout our entire business since 1874.
Our products are expertly designed and feature high energy efficiency ratings and low emissions, all with an enviable reputation for performance, quality and reliability.

Our constant drive to provide leading levels of customer service and training support helps to demonstrate why our customers continually recommend Vaillant

– the ultimate endorsement any brand could ask for.

Klaus Jesse
Regional Director UK & Ireland

What Customers Say

Dr Meena Hindmarch, Daily Telegraph Competition Winner, UK

"With our old boiler, the water in the shower always ran cold if the dishwasher was on at the same time. On the other hand, our new ecoTEC exclusive has no problem providing instant hot water at all times, and our installer says it will stay that way even when we extend the property later this year"

Dr Meena Hindmarch, Daily Telegraph Competition Winner, UK
Terry Kennerson, The happy boiler company, UK

"Vaillant’s products are fantastic, even the entry level models are better than the competition because they use high quality materials for their components. I always encourage my customers to choose Vaillant because it’s worth investing in quality to get value for money overall. It also makes our business look good as we don’t get recalled to jobs where the boiler’s packed in after two weeks."

Terry Kennerson, The happy boiler company, UK
Which? Trusted Traders Heating Engineer

"Vaillant makes a great overall product. They are superbly built and designed appliances. It also has peerless aftersales support"

Which? Trusted Traders Heating Engineer

"Our ground source heat pump has completely changed the way we heat our home, it’s fantastic. Our electricity bills for a four bed property are now less than our gas and electricity bill in our old house and the temperature is always stable, I’d recommend anyone thinking about renewable energy to consider investing in ground source, the long term benefits far outweigh the upfront cost, and the RHI payment helps offset a large amount of the cost as well."

Elaine Smith from the UK
Kurt and Lisa Zügner from Altusried, Germany

“Vaillant breaks new ground – they have the courage to be innovative and always search for the best solution. This is what we believe in. I have been an engineer in supply technology for 20 years, and I have known Vaillant for all this time. They have been a reliable partner throughout the years.”

Kurt and Lisa Zügner from Altusried, Germany
Dirk van Stappen from Vianen, Netherlands

“I moved into my house 30 years ago. At that time, the building owner chose a Vaillant heating system. The boiler did a good job for 30 years, and I never had any problems with it. That’s why there is no doubt that I would choose a Vaillant boiler again.”

Dirk van Stappen from Vianen, Netherlands
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