Thermostats and smart controls for your heating system

Control your heating and hot water intelligently with our range of thermostats, incorporating wired and wireless models with digital or analogue displays.

vSMART™ puts you in control anytime, anywhere

Our smartest ever control works with our entire current range of Vaillant boilers to give you on-the-go remote control of your heating and hot water using a simple app.

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Intelligent heating controls for every home


vSMART now works with IFTTT (If This, Then That). A free app which can be used either on your phone or directly through the IFTTT website. It so clever it lets you create chains of simple rules, called “applets”, which are triggered based on specific actions of other web services and smart home devices. The idea is that you use IFTTT to automate everything from your favourite apps and websites to other app-enabled accessories and smart devices in your home. For example, tell vSMART to switch my hot water on when I leave the gym.


VRC 700

Designed to work with more complex systems, such as those that have multiple heating zones, underfloor heating or include renewable technologies, this intelligent control can decide upon the most efficient appliances to run whilst also taking into account the outside weather and energy tariffs.

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VRC 350/350F

Made for ease of use and efficiency, this simple yet intelligent control talks to your boiler adapting its output depending upon your needs and your home’s temperature. Wired and wireless models available.

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TimeSWITCH 160

Easy to use with a digital display that gives you intelligent control with minimal fuss, with full programmability and override functions.

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TimeSWITCH 150

Our most simple, yet smart boiler control with an easy to use analogue display that allows you to simply programme your heating during times your system should switch on and off each day.

View TimeSWITCH 150

What customers say

Dr Heena Hindmarch from the UK

"It gives us peace of mind to know we'll be warm this winter thanks to Vaillant, and the cheaper energy bills will be a huge bonuns too."

Dr Heena Hindmarch from the UK
Dirk van Stappen from Vianen, Netherlands

“I moved into my house 30 years ago. At that time, the building owner chose a Vaillant heating system. The boiler did a good job for 30 years, and I never had any problems with it. That’s why there is no doubt that I would choose a Vaillant boiler again.”

Dirk van Stappen from Vianen, Netherlands
Kurt and Lisa Zügner from Altusried, Germany

“Vaillant breaks new ground – they have the courage to be innovative and always search for the best solution. This is what we believe in. I have been an engineer in supply technology for 20 years, and I have known Vaillant for all this time. They have been a reliable partner throughout the years.”

Kurt and Lisa Zügner from Altusried, Germany

"Our installation technician recommended a product with the Green iQ label. After comparing it with other products, we realised it combined all the features that are important to us. It’s eco-friendly and efficient, plus we can control the heating system using an app even when we’re not at home."

Leen and Koen Wildemeersch
Petar Jakić from Zagreb, Croatia

“When I’m on a business trip it’s very important for me that my wife and children have everything they need to be safe. I don’t want any worries. I chose Vaillant because it’s reliable, good quality and hassle-free, and it always delivers what we need.”

Petar Jakić from Zagreb, Croatia
Terry Kennerson, The happy boiler company, UK

"Vaillant’s products are fantastic, even the entry level models are better than the competition because they use high quality materials for their components. I always encourage my customers to choose Vaillant because it’s worth investing in quality to get value for money overall. It also makes our business look good as we don’t get recalled to jobs where the boiler’s packed in after two weeks."

Terry Kennerson, The happy boiler company, UK

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